Beef cattle market specifications

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A sound knowledge of the specification requirements is fundamental to the development of production pathways and to the decision to target certain markets in line with global demands and regional on-property efficiencies.

Access examples of animal carcase specifications for common prime beef markets, feedlot entry, feedlot exit, breeding and store stock and a compilation of grids across Australia demonstrating average market requirements and discounts.

Organic and other premium markets for the arid pastoral zone

  • Premiums for organic product exist in both domestic and international (USA, Japan, Taiwan, China, EU) meat markets.
  • Premiums exist for both grass fed and organic product (other niches may also exist including animal welfare and low carbon emission products).
  • The levels of certification required for access to organic markets differ markedly between countries.
  • Certification is required at different stages of production (growers, finishers, abattoirs) which will add to the administrative burden were you to market internationally as an independent group.
  • Price premiums can differ according to the level of certification (e.g. best premium in US from USDA NOP certification at all stages, giving a premium of around 20-25%).

There is definite market potential in building a brand around the concepts of naturalness, exclusivity, authenticity and region.

  • Initially, it would be advisable to link players in the value chain. It may be:
    • possible to tap into local existing markets (e.g. small organic/ premium butchers)
    • possible to tap into existing suppliers to international markets (e.g. processers, marketers)
    • more advantageous to use organic certification rather than a regional brand to access premium markets.
  • An alternative would be to develop your own brand and conduct your own marketing campaign to promote the brand. This would require significant time and financial investment - some support is available from Austrade if looking to access the export market. An alternative is to focus on the domestic market, in particular high-end restaurants, up-market pub and club chains and gourmet food outlets - this would also be extremely time and resource consuming.