7.05 - Obtaining market information

MLA provides a range of publications, latest news, analysis, information and statistics for the Australian livestock and red meat industry.

MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service (NLRS) provides industry statistics and detailed reporting for major cattle and sheep markets including both physical and direct sales.

In addition, MLA’s expert analysts examine and interpret developments in, and prospects for, the Australian domestic market, key export markets and major competitors.

Information on Australia’s livestock and red meat industry can be accessed by:

  1. reading MLA’s relevant and timely publications for the latest news and statistics;
  2. talking one-on-one with MLA’s specialised market analysts; and
  3. viewing the latest information on MLA’s website: www.mla.com.au




Latest news, analysis and information

  • Meat & Livestock Weekly (weekly)

Access the very latest news, analysis and trends for domestic and key export markets in an easy-to-read and concise format. Includes information on buyer and competitor activity and trends.


Market analysis and forecasting

  • Australian Cattle and Sheep Industry Projections and Updates (annual)

A must-have for red meat industry participants interested in the prospects for the cattle and sheep industries over the next five years. Provides forecasts for supply and demand in both domestic and export markets and examines likely threats and opportunities facing the industry. Individual cattle forecast updates are provided mid-year.

  • Industry Overview (monthly)

Obtain monthly analysis of the factors currently influencing prices, supply and demand in the Australian cattle industry. Includes a look at major competitor activity and changes in export markets.

  • Market briefs

Keep up to date with in-depth reports on the latest relevant issues in individual red meat markets or sectors. Each set includes a minimum of four publications per year, and briefs can be bought individually.


Livestock market reporting

NLRS physical market reports (weekly)

Ideal for those looking for detailed reporting of prices and yardings for individual stock categories sold at major cattle physical markets. Includes on-the­ground commentary explaining local market trends.

  • NLRS state over the hooks reports (weekly)

Access the latest over the hooks rates generated each Monday directly from processors, agents and producers.

  • NLRS state slaughter reports (weekly)

Provides slaughter totals for cattlegenerated each Monday from data collected from registered abattoirs in each state.

  • NLRS state summary reports (weekly)

Suitable for those looking for a general overview of price trends, indicators and major influences on all markets in individual states over the past week.

  • NLRS hide reports (weekly)

Suitable for processors and hide traders requiring a general, weekly overview of price trends for green, brine cured and wet blue hides.


Industry information and structure

  • Statistical Review (annual)

All the livestock and meat statistics you’ve ever wanted for Australia and other major red meat producing and trading countries.

  • Industry Insights (five-year publication)

Using simple graphs, this provides a comprehensive outline of the structure of the Australian red meat industry from farm gate to plate. Includes information on individual sectors and major competitors.


MLA has a dedicated team of market analysts covering overseas market access issues and the following markets:

  • Australian cattle and beef
  • Australian skins and hides
  • North America
  • South America
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • South Asia
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa.

The MLA team of market analysts is available to answer queries on a wide range of topics including:

  • contact details for Australian-based exporters and overseas-based importers
  • overseas market access conditions and status
  • export market developments (eg US quota, Japanese safeguard, BSE in export markets)
  • Australian export performance in key markets
  • live export destination updates
  • price trends for Australian and overseas markets
  • saleyard prices, yardings and levels of interest
  • slaughter statistics and trends
  • state over the hooks prices
  • weather outlook.


MLA also provides the latest news and a comprehensive range of red meat data on the MLA website, www.mla.com.au

From this site you can access the following:


Domestic market information:

Overseas market information

National Livestock Reporting Service:



Latest market news:  









South America:



United States:






Middle East:



South Asia:




Rural newspapers

The rural newspapers, such as The LandQueensland Country LifeStock and LandThe Weekly TimesStock Journal and Countryman, often rely on NLRS information to form the basis of their markets pages supported by producer, agent and buyer comments.

Independent market reports

Aside from the newspapers, other companies also provide market reports for the various cattle markets. These independent reports usually use the NLRS indicators, along with their own understanding of the markets, to form a view on the current market. These are often available on a subscription basis.