1.01 - Property data questionnaire

This may include a checklist of questions that need to be answered when exploring and evaluating new options. 

The information required to complete a description of the business includes:

  • land area and land use
  • rainfall data
  • description of land types and major vegetation/soils
  • description of available/accessible water resources
  • existing infrastructure and equipment
  • labour availability and usage
  • herd numbers and livestock classes
  • stocking rate and carrying capacity
  • marketing options
  • stock sales
  • herd reproductive data
  • animal health considerations and practices
  • cattle enterprise costs
  • station overhead costs
  • cash flow
  • balance sheet
  • profit and loss statement

CoP calculator

The MLA Cost of Production Calculator measures the performance of your beef enterprise and enables a comparison of the health of your beef business with other producers. It also identifies where there is scope for improvement, or if your enterprise is already performing well.